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Books by Christopher S. Carlone

The Fall From Lunathal

The world of Tellis has flooded.

For seven hundred years, the Moonfolk sought refuge in the treetop city of Lunathal. The blue-skinned Summerborn live in the upper districts with arcane magic and riches aplenty.

The Winterborn, do not.

Each day, more and more Moonfolk are falling ill to an unknown plague. To make matters worse, the Hero of Lunathal has vanished below the cloud sea. With no hero to protect them, it is up to two young and unlikely Moonfolk to save a world they only recently discovered and learn the truth about themselves. Theryn, an animal-lover with aspirations for greatness, and Lyra, a musician-turned-rogue with dark secrets, must set aside their differences and work together to defeat an evil from another Realm…

All while being hunted by the ancient Winter Wyvern of Tellis and its mysterious rider.

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Coming Soon

A Novella featuring Pimbo and Slip is in production, as well as the sequel to The Fall from Lunathal.