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                          Christopher Carlone started playing music about three months after his conception. He started on keyboard and eventually settled down with the trombone and euphonium.

                            With a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from the University of New Hampshire it is hard to believe how anyone could become more informed within their own field. Just to prove his Middle School gym teacher wrong he  decided to pursue a Master's Degree at the University of Massachusetts and shortly afterwards bought himself a 61-key Acorn Midi Keyboard and Controller, thus the grind began.

                        Chris currently spends his days performing, teaching, composing, trying on hats and trying to figure out the best way to get tomato sauce stains out of denim. He is the active musician for various series, game companies and YouTube stars such as Domics. Chris is currently composing for the Amazon Prime Series, Barry Baker: Aspiring Serial Killer and writes music for the League of Legend's cartoon series Helmet Bros.


                          Christopher Carlone is a PreSonus-sponsored artist. His music heard on Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Video was all created in the PreSonus Digital Audio Workstation Studio One 3 Professional.

"Studio One 3 Pro is an unbelievable product. It is by far the most intuative DAW I have worked with and I now use it exclusively for all my composing projects. The score to the comedy film, Highway to Havasu, which  is currently on its summer theater tour around the U.S. was recorded with PreSonus products, and only PreSonus products."
-Christopher Carlone

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