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Tales from Tellis Book order:
Book 1, The Fall from Lunathal
    Book 1.5, The Slippery Skirmish
                              Book 2, The Children of Starlight
(coming soon)

The Gods +
Arcane Weaves

The world of Tellis is full of magic and wonder. That magic can manifest inside someone as a magical spark known as an "Arcane Weave". The following chart depicts the currently known information about the ten Arcane Weaves and their associated Gods.

Seluna, The Moon Goddess

Sparkwielders are powerful and rare arcane-users who can summon dangerous silver sparks with a flick of their wrist or tap of their scepter.

Iceshapers are fairly common Summerborn sorcerers who can freeze the moisture in the air around them. This magic in it's rawest form comes from the Winter Wyvern's spark.

The All-Consuming, The Void Goddess

Shades are uncommon and dangerous arcane users who can blink in and out of the physical realm and the Nocturnal Realm, also known as the Void.

Soulbridgers, also known as Mindbreakers in some parts of Tellis, are creators and breakers of bonds with animals or other humanoid beings. This Arcane Weave is considered unnatural and highly dangerous in the wrong hands.

Astrus, God-Prince of the Stars

Tidecasters are magicians who can control the salt in water, leading to control of the water itself. This Weave is mysterious and little is known about its origin.

Astrus' other Arcane Weave will be revealed in, The Children of Starlight.

Sol, God of the Sun

Flamedancers  are warrior mages from Goldfyre, typically of the Sun Elf Race. They conjure golden flames with a snap of their fingers and are considered highly well-trained and dangerous.

Flarehearts have the ability to take the heat from the sun and use it to reinvigorate themselves and renew their vitality and strength. This is a rare arcana and rarely appears in Tellis outside of Goldfyre.

Ah-Moanta, Goddess of the Earth

Little is currently known about Ah-Moanta's Arcane Weaves, despite the fact they are known to be the oldest in Tellis.


The Races of Tellis

Also known as: Moon Elves, Winterborn, Summerborn, Pale Elves, these Elves hail from Lunathal, a city atop the Old Willow. Moonfolk were one of the direct descendants of the First Elves.

Also known as: Half-breeds, Stonefolk, Stone Elves, Half-Men are one of the oldest races in Tellis. They founded the city of Moonglow long before the First Elves walked Tellis.

Also known as: Evarians, Men are considered to be the most greedy beings in all of Tellis. They were believed to have crossed over from another Realm through a Rift, although little is known about it.

Sun Elves
Also known as: Gold Elves, Imperial Elves, Sunfolk, these Elves rule the Goldfyre Imperium in the eastern deserts. They are also descendants of the First Elves.

Also known as: Quarter-Elves, Mutts, Evarian Gnomes, these short and stout gray-skinned folk are the rarest in Tellis and are a mix of Humans, Half-Men and Sun Elves. They live in secluded communities mostly in the lower parts of crowded cities.

Also known as: Sea Elves, Aquatic Elves, sometimes wrongfully mistaken as "Sirens" these reclusive Elves have stayed hidden in their city of Elennost below the Southmore Sea for hundreds of years... until now.

The world of Tellis

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