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FILM Music

Angry Video Game Nerd

Shrek's Fairytale Freakdown


Music from Carlonec has been featured in multiple Cinemassacre's. Angry Video Game Nerd Season 15 episodes, including Shrek's Fairytale Freakdown and Darkman (NES).


Red Cocoon

Red Cocoon


[HBO APA Visionaries Submission]
A reclusive Hikikomori  develops an unlikely relationship with a shape shifting anime body pillow. Join him and his struggling reality in this fast-paced drama short releasing soon.



Being Single Again


The final video and short film on LeendaDProduction's

popular YouTube Channel.


Featured on TV now!

Streaming now!

Highway to Havasu


After Dylan's big break up two friends trick him into stealing a teacher's RV and taking a comedy adventure to remember. Highway to Havasu is an award winning, hilarious spring break coming-of-age film. I wrote a diverse, fun and interactive score in collaboration with the popular bands MEST and HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD. Highway to Havasu swept its category at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival in L.A. and was chosen as the HRIFF People's Choice Award for 2016. The film is currently in theaters in select cities and is scheduled for DVD, Hulu, Cable and Netflix release in the coming future.


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