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Cattch's soundtrack blends electronic and live instruments to create a delightfully quirky soundtrack that will accompany you as you hop, jump, and skip through the levels. The music has a blend of the classic arcade chip-tune style with modern electronica beats very much in the style of Behemoth's Battle Block Theater (2013). I wanted to give each track its own unique feel, so no two are alike in anyway. The genre of the music is hard to classify considering the amount of bass clarinet, guitar, xylophone and sitar used on top of the electronics. Mild Mania Studios was delighted with the soundtrack and it has gone on to win multiple indie game review awards in Russia and France. 



Vault of Xenos


Brave and Little 

Guardians of the Dark

Go To Space


Popular YouTuber, Markiplier, plays Wounded!

Sound Design, Dialogue Editor and Voice Acting Casting.


A Goody Life

by Goody Game Works


String Heroes

by Goody Game Works


Don't Escape

Little War Game

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